About Me

ProfileI have been messing with computer for a while and am interested in CG Graphics from the beginning. I started my career as a computer service engineer parallel to my graduation. For the first two years it like really messing with everything system service, Networking, Web Development(amateur), etc.…

After my graduation I joined an 3d animation course. frankly am not a good 2d artist. after getting into the CG industry, I found am good at problem solving and technical solutions. After finishing the course I started working as Maya Dynamics Tutor in the same institute. In 2006 I joined Paprikaas Animation Studio. It is where I started my computer graphics career. There I was dynamics artist.

In the next few years I switched several studios, and lots of new platform and softwares. Because basically am a programmer I started learning the programming languages such as Python, Maya MEL, PHP, MySQL.. etc.. parallely started developing small tools for my company production and for my friends. Now am working as Lead Pipeline Software Developer in Moving Picture Company(MPC), Bangalore.

People I look up to or can never forget in my life : Fortunate to have them in my life:

Family, of course for everyone his/her parents are a gift, its the same for me too, I can say they are a much more than just a gift… wherever and whatever I am today its only because of them, the amount of struggle and pain they faced, mostly financially, while bringing me up has taken a special place in me. They made a point that the tough situations doesn’t effect me, I am so grateful to them.