Script Pack Installation



Download the latest version of the bcb_sript_pack from If you have any suggesions or bugs please email me from my website. The RAR file contains mel scripts, documentaion, icon bitmaps, plugins and an installation maya file.


Extract the rar file into your local drive. Then open file using any version of maya. When the maya open you will get and Script installation window. Follow the instructions inside it.



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Syntax Highlighter 3.1.3 for WordPress Laguage includes MEL

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved allows you to easily post syntax-highlighted code to your site without losing it’s formatting or making any manual changes. It uses the SyntaxHighlighter JavaScript package by Alex Gorbatchev.

I included MEL(Maya embedded language) inside this package. It is simple to put mel codes in your post with syntax highlighing.


global proc string bcFileName()
$bcFileName = file -q -sn -shn;
if($bcFileName == “”)
return “Untitled Scene”;

return $bcFileName;


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Change Camera Marking Menu (Mel Function)

Change Camera Marking Menu

This is a small tips for making marking menu for changing cameras easily. First copy the script bellow and save it as “bc_ChangeCam.mel” in any of your user script folder. Or you can download the script from here
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bc_ReverseList (Mel Functions)

This is a simple function to reverse string array in mel.

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Import Geobake Cache

Before giving discribtion for this script first I have to thank Mr.Alf Kraus who created this amazing plugin for caching animated objects in maya called GeoBake. This is a MEL script that developed to ease the usage of GeoBake plugin. This script will help you to import cache file inside and assign to the correct objects.

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