Sublime Text 2 : The tag line become reality…


Sublime Text 2 is my favourite editor. It is one of the best editor I have ever used ever in my carrier. It have almost all the features a programmer need, and have lots of packages available to support the basic features. Sublime is released for linux, windows and Mac OS.

When I was a windows user, Notepad++ was my best matte. I moved to linux may be 4-5 years back, It was very difficult. Using vim, emac(traditional and best) or IDEs like eclipse, geany, aptana. I tried almost everything. Both of them gave me issues, moving to traditional linux editors was difficult for a windows user like me(honestly, still uses it for editing remote files.). Using IDEs makes me mad, lots of menus, option, dialog boxes, tabs, was confusing.

I came to know about Sublime Text 1-2 years back. First impression was like heaven, now onwards I never had to think about any other editor. “I DID FALL IN LOVE WITH IT“. A perfect replacement for Notepad++ in linux(personally sublime text 2 is better). Started using it in windows also and started suggesting others too.

Notepad++ Vs Sublime Text 2

It is unfair to compare both, both have their own features and cons. You can find tons of discussions regarding this in web, just a Google search “Notepad++ Vs Sublime Text 2” will do. I like Sublime more than Notepad++ now.

Some of the good features:

Goto Anything
Command Palette
Split Editing (The best one.)
Multiple Selections
Distraction Free Mode
Plug-in API
Customize Anything(Literally)
JSON Settings(Somewhere I saw this in cons, don’t know why.)

The Packages I mainly uses:

Package Control
Git Gutter
Maya Sublime
Sublime JEDI


Blackboard(Comes with sublime, Customized)


Sublime Text 2