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Before giving discribtion for this script first I have to thank Mr.Alf Kraus who created this amazing plugin for caching animated objects in maya called GeoBake. This is a MEL script that developed to ease the usage of GeoBake plugin.This script will help you to export multiple objects cache same time.


Notes :animation -> Export Geobake Cache. Select the objects to take cache and add to the list. Give a name for the Cache and click Export GeoBack Cache. It will export all the cache files and genrate an .info file that contains all the information of the cache data.

Character Name :Name of the Cache.

Animation File Name :Current File Name.

Geo Bake Version :Type of caching 32 Bit(Faster) or 64 Bit(More accurate).

Start Frame :Start Frame of the Animation.

End Frame :End Frame of the Animation.

Objects Going to Cache :List of Object is going to cache.

Download Script : Click Here

Download Geobake Source Code: Click Here

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