Mocha Roto Clean-up For After Effects

Script help you to clean-up and arrange the rotos that copied from Mocha based on naming. It is very important a naming conversion must be used.


Notes : Download .jsxbin file and copy it inside “<AfterEffects installation folder>Support FilesScriptsScriptUI Panels”. Restart the After Effects.  New Item will be add add inside window menu. Clicking on it will open the dockable UI.

Position to Cut : Script take this number and the name will split where the “Speration(_)” occur. and group the rotos.

Seperation: “The character that spepeate the words in the roto name. Script use this character to split and join the names”

Random Color: “Script will give random color for the group or roto when it split.”

Delete Original “By selecting this option the script will delete the original layer.”

Split and Group Mocha Roto: “Script take all the layer from the current layer and slit it to separate layer. (Group Based on the given option)”

Group and Precomp Mocha Roto: “Same as split it take the rotos or layer to a precomp.”

Merge Masks in Selected Layers: “Take all the masks in the selected layers and merge it to single layer.”

Download Script : Click Here

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Barish Chandran

Have got over 12 years of experience in Animation and VFX industry in Particle Effects, Lighting and Programming areas. I started my animation career as Dynamic FX artist and I have credit in more than 30 movie and CGI Series. Then started developing tools and programs for Animation. Now am working as Pipeline Software Developer Lead at MPC.

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